Shows 2011

Here you can see some of my breeding cats and their success in Finnish shows in 2011

 Birregin cats were also very successful in overseas exhibitions.
For example in ItalyFrance, NorwaySweden, Germany and the USA!

Congratulations to all winners and their owners.

SC Birregin Nantucket Sound, OSHn birregin_nantucket_sound_oshn_3.jpg

12.3.11 Kirkkonummi, NOM, BIS

30.7.11 Espoo, CH, BIV, NOM, BIS

31.7.11 Espoo, NOM, BIS

20.8.11 Tallinn, Estonia, BIV, NOM, BIS

21.8.11 Tallinn, Estonia, IC, BIV, NOM, BIS

27.8.11 Vantaa, NOM, BIS

4.9.2011 Tampere, NOM, BIS

12.11.11 Tallinn, Estonia, BIV, NOM, BIS

13.11.11 Tallinn, Estonia, GIC, BIV, NOM, BIS

20.11.11 Helsinki, NOM, BIS

Photo: Vlad Vorobjov


Photo: Tessa, Latvia

IP/SC SW08* Birregin Ashita ga Choose, JW, DSM, OSHn24


27.08.2011 Vantaa, PR NOM BIS

10.09.2011 Riga, Latvia, IP NOM BIS

11.09.2011 Riga, Latvia,  NOM BIS

27.11.2011 Turku, NOM BIS

31.12.2011 Lohja, NOM BIS

Congratulations Pia Jalkanen

Birregin FairyTail Tales, SYS f 02 21



31.07.2011, Espoo NOM BIS

10.9.2011 Riga, Latva, NOM BIS

11.09.2011, Riga, Latvia NOM BIS

31.12.2011, Lohja, NOM BIS

Congratulations Pia Jalkanen

Birregin Non Solo Calcio, JW, SYS n 03 21

31.12.2011, Lohja, NOM BISsyssipoika_19.9..jpg


Maria and Kai Lampinen

IC Birregin Il Était Une Fois, SIA b birregin_il_etait_une_fois_sia_b.jpg

23.04.2011 Helsinki, NOM BIS

19.06.2011 Siilinjärvi,  NOM BIS

02.07.2011 Kempele, NOM BIS

03.07.2011 Kempele, BIV NOM BIS

03.09.2011Tampere  NOM BIS




Shows 2010

Our first Show in Helsinki this year. It was also SUROK's 50 years Jubilee Show.

The quality was very high and it was a pleasure to compete against such good cats. Also, for the first time in ages, I had to compete against a certificate. There were 4 adult seal point siamese females competiting for a single certificate, and my Princess (Qrowntwig Heartbeat of a Queen) won her very first cert on Sunday.


Surok, Helsinki 9.1.2010 pegasos_on_the_table_10.1.10.jpg

IC Xerox Iron Happy Jungle, JW, OSHn03 

BIS Adult


Xerox's daughter

V09 Birregin Pas De La Fiction, JW, OSHb24 did it again!

She was BIS Youngster


Stagiras Pegasos, OSHn CACIB

Qrowntwig Heartbeat of a Queen, SIAn EX2






















Surok, Helsinki 10.1.2010tallinna_14.11.09_bis_kitten_birregin_pas_de_la_fiction.jpg

IC Xerox Iron Happy Jungle, JW, OSHn03

BIS Adult (with all judges voices)


V09 Birregin Pas De La Fiction, JW, OSHb24

BIS Youngster (with all judges voices) 


Birregin Semper Fi, OSHb



Qrowntwig Heartbeat of a Queen, SIAn got her first cert CAC


Stagiras Pegasos, OSHn CACIB





  Passi with judge Heinz Günter Scholer




Ery-Syd, Hyvinkää 6.6.2010

IC Xerox Iron Happy Jungle, JW, OSHn03, CAGCIB

URK, Vantaa 10.7.2010

IC Xerox Iron Happy Jungle, JW, OSHn03, CAGCIB, NOM, BIS Adult

Surok, Helsinki 31.7.2010

CH Qrowntwig Heartbeat of a Queen, SIAn, CACIB, NOM

Surok, Helsinki 1.8.2010

IC Xerox Iron Happy Jungle, JW, OSHn03, CAGCIB

CH Qrowntwig Heartbeat of a Queen, SIAn, CACIB

Felix, Tallinn, Estonia 13.11.2010

Birregin Pas De La Fiction, JW, OSHb24, CAC, NOM, BIS Adult

Felix, Tallinn, Estonia 14.11.2010

Birregin Pas De La Fiction, JW, OSHb24, CAC

Turok, Turku 27.11.2010

IC Xerox Iron Happy Jungle, JW, OSHn03, CAGCIB, GIC

also Best Breeding Male 27. and 28.11.

Sultsinan Silkkitie, SYSn02, NOM

Turok, Turku 28.11.2010

Sultsinan Silkkitie, SYSn02, NOM





 With my friends Eija Salmi, Terttu Koski and Stareye's Cattery's owner Anneli Gustafsson

Shows 2007

Here you can find info, pics and results from the shows we or the cats we've bred, have participated.


IC Birregin Tennessee Fire, JW, OSHe24 was Best in Show Adult and BEST OF BEST 1 3.11.2007 in Usti nad Labem, Czech





PR Birregin Miami Fire, OSHe24 was BIS Neutered 6.10.2007 in Nyköping, Sweden 



CH Birregin Tennessee Fire, JW, OSHe24 was Best in Show Adult and BEST OF BEST 1 29.9.2007 in Liberec, Czech



Birregin Miami Fire, OSHe24 was BIS Neutered both days 29.9.-30.9.2007 in Uppsala, Sweden


 St. Petersburg, Russia 15.-16.9.2007

  EC Birregin Hava Apollonia, JW, DSM, SIAf21  HP, BOX Adult both days

  Birregin Semper Fi, OSHb                              BIS Kitten both days

  IC Leland Maxim del Iris, PEBb33                   IC



Birregin Tennessee Fire, JW, OSHe24 was Best in Show Adult8.9.2007 in Boskovice, Czech




Birregin Bestcats Soraya, OSHfs was BIS KittenBest of Best 1 ALLBREED, BEST OVER ALL2.9.2007 in Gettorf, Germany  and

Birregin Australian TriStar, OSHns25 was BIS, V1

Melanie and Soraya















Vantaa, RUROK 26.8.2007 

 Birregin Born From a Wish, JW, OSHf24         BIS Kitten

  with all the votes from the judges!

  EC Birregin Hava Apollonia, JW, SIAf21      CACE, EC  

  CH Leland Maxim del Iris, PEBb33              CACIB

  Birregin Semper Fi, OSHb                          EX1


Vantaa, RUROK 25.8.2007    

 Birregin Born From a Wish, JW, OSHf24         BIS Kitten

  with all the votes from the judges!

  GIC Birregin Hava Apollonia, JW, SIAf21       CACE

   CH Leland Maxim del Iris, PEBb33                CACIB

  Birregin Semper Fi, OSHb                                     EX1



 Helsinki, SUROK 28.-29.7.2007

  Birregin Born From a Wish, OSHf24          BIS kitten

   in both days with all the votes from the judges!

   Leland Maxim del Iris, PEBb33                 CH

   He is first Peterbald Champion in Finland!

    Birregin Semper Fi, OSHb                        EX1, BIV



CH Birregin Miami Fire, OSHe24 was BIS Adult again!! Stockholm, Sweden 29.7.2007


CH Birregin Miami Fire, OSHe24 was BIS Adult and became Best Breeding Male as well as a Champion!!  Kalmar, Sweden 1.7.2007

Jyväskylä, KES-KIS 1.7.2007 

 Birregin Born From a Wish, OSHf24         BIS kitten

  Shagio-Chen BonBon, SIAb21                CAC, BOX Adult 

  Leland Maxim del Iris, PEBb33                CAC

   Birregin Semper Fi, OSHb                       EX1



















Photo: Heikki Siltala



 KES-KIS 30.6.2007

Birregin Born From a Wish, OSHf24            BIS Kitten

Shagio-Chen BonBon, SIAb21                    CAC, BOX Adult




Photo: Heikki Siltala

 Hyvinkää 2.6.2007 

Leland Maxim del Iris, PEBb33                   EX1

 Annabelle del Iris, PEBa33                        CAC

 (Annabelle has now thin flock coat, not velour)

 Odin Van Scalindjo, SYSn03                       EX1

 Jangar Who Dares Wins, OSHgs25             CAC





GIC Birregin Divine Fire, OSHd24 was BOB 1 on both days with all votes from the judges!!  Koscian, Poland 28.-29.4.07



Györ, Hungary, 28.-29.4.2007 

Elvis Fire Jungle, OSHd22              CAGCIB/GIC   


Helsinki, Rurok 21.4.2007

Annabelle del Iris, PEBa33             EX1

Leland Maxim del Iris, PEBb33        EX1

Odin Van Scalindjo, SYSn03            EX1




Seinäjoki 10.3.2007

 Elvis Fire Jungle, OSHd22              CAGCIB Nom 

 Annabelle del Iris, PEBa33                EX1


This was our very first show in 2007. Due to the new regulation of FIFe, Judge Lotte Borch couldn't nominate Annabelle for Best In Show. Ms. Borch was very sorry because of that, but she kept Annabelle on her table unusually long time presenting Annabelle to the gathered audience.